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I have written numerous how-to articles for writers. Some of these included marketing information, writing tips, and even motivational topics. What never ceases to amaze me are these writers’ surprise and genuine thanks. These writers are of various writing levels, yet they all seem overjoyed with these articles. Nearly all authors seem to thirst for helpful tips and advice.

What is the most popular comment that I receive for these articles?

“Thank you for being generous and sharing this information.”

Why are people so shocked that a fellow writer will write informative articles to aid other freelance authors? This puzzles me. I know that I have encountered many types of writers. Some of these authors are rather selfish with giving away their trade “secrets”. Other writers are very helpful to the writing community. I have found that most of the really good writers are more generous. Perhaps this is for the simple fact that a mediocre writer is rather insecure about his or her ability, so this author is particularly careful about letting others know those tips that really work. Who knows! As unique as each person is, so too are the temperaments of writers. Writers come in many shades and hues.

Many writers think that they should write a book about the topic instead of helping other writers. Well there is never an overstock of writing guides that are top notch. One great thing about freelance authors is the fact that they read an awful lot! No, I am a journalist, so I am going to do my job- inform people about what I know. I am going to write marketing and writing tips for other writers. This is what I know, and as you know, writers must write what they know.

These secretive and elusive writers annoy me. Hell, they downright turn me off about as fast as the elevator music playing at the doctor’s office does. I am sure it turns many other authors off as well. I have never been a selfish person, and I am not about to become a selfish writer. Maybe that means I won’t make my first million by the age of thirty. That’s ok, I am 33 now. Instead I took the opposite direction. I started a web site that will help writers become successful online freelancers. No matter what their writing skill level is, these authors can learn to prosper. Do you know what makes a writer successful?

Is it their giftedness or talent?

NO! It does help, but persistence helps more.

Is it their education level?

No, but education always helps.

What make writers successful are the following facts: their hard work, motivation, and determination are what set them apart from the rest. Just like in any other profession, the motivated individuals succeed. There is no magic formula. There is no smart pill. There is just hard work. The sprinter that runs the fastest is the one that finishes first. I work, on average, around 10-14 hours per day six or seven days a week. But remember I love my job.

Another great tip that I can give you is to subscribe to writers’ market newsletters. These are written by writers for writers, and these weekly periodicals are your best bet for becoming a successful writer.

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