Worksite wellness for the health of it. Part 5

With medical costs per employee at $6,000, nearly twice the national average, Union Pacific Railroad introduced the concept of personal health management to its 28,000 employees. Beginning with a simple medical self-care initiative at a yearly cost of $50, the program achieved a net savings of $1.26 million. Employees in the treatment group lowered their risk for high blood pressure (45 percent) and high cholesterol (34 percent); others moved out of the at-risk range for weight problems (30 percent); and 21 percent stopped smoking.3 Many other companies share similar success stories.

In order to make health promotion successful and to bring its impact to full potential, it must be an integral component in the overall business strategy.1 As with other operations of the organization, health promotion must be part of the long-range strategic plan. The development of human capital is an ongoing process. The human body is a wonderful machine, as long as it is regularly maintained and serviced. Once others learn to appreciate human potential and generate momentum toward that potential, everyone can begin to reap the benefits. Health promotion must be perceived as a critical element and driving force in making change happen.

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