Wellness Bound

With the number of inactive children today, our nation’s health depends on getting young people excited about fitness. The Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center created the Wellness Bound program to do just that. Focusing on nutrition, fitness and mental health, the eight-week program teaches groups of children ages eight to 13 the essentials for leading a healthy life.

The groups meet twice a week after school for an hour and a half, and focus on a different topic each meeting. One night a week, the first half hour is spent with a health educator who discusses nutritional issues such as the food pyramid, food labels and individual nutritional needs. The second night, kids meet a mental health counselor who discusses feelings, self-esteem, stress and life balance. The last hour of both nights incorporates fitness activities such as power walking and water workouts, and focuses on cardiovascular health, strength building and teamwork.

Three parent nights are included in the program to give adults a chance to participate with their children, ask questions and attend seminars. The final meeting recognizes all of the children with certificates.

Wellness Bound includes members and non-members of the Crosby Wellness Center, and scholarships are available. Once the program is completed, children 11 years and older whose parents are members of the facility qualify for a partial membership. More than 80 percent of the eligible children sign up as partial members.

Due to its popularity, Wellness Bound is also used as an after-school program at local schools and in community summer camps.

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