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Shin Kicking in Kickboxing?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Dear Expert:

My daughter is taking a kickboxing class in which classmates kick each other’s shins. She is badly bruised, but says that they do it in order to destroy the nerves there.


I would recommend taking your daughter out of the class immediately. I have never heard of any such practice in any kind of organized sport or activity. It does not make sense of any kind; in fact, it is dangerous and negligent.

There is absolutely no benefit to her bruising her shins for the purpose of kickboxing.

Kickboxing classes that I am familiar with all use proper protective gear in the areas of high contact. The purpose of the class is to enhance fitness, provide discipline, build self-esteem and teach self-defense. It is in no way intended to promote injuries.

Hi-Tech Fitness

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

For the computerized crowd there’s a pair of programs called Gymbuddy and FitnessLog. Gymbuddy will record your workout at the gym and generate a series of reports. FitnessLog tracks aerobic activities. The good news is that Gymbuddy and FitnessLog are shareware. Try them for free, and if you decide to keep them they cost only $25. The bad news is they only run on Newton Message Pad handheld computers or compatible devices. (more…)

Personal Fitness: Three Easy Steps to Getting Started

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Fitness is something that many of us would like to achieve. This article discusses some simple steps that will help you become more fit and healthy.

Fitness is a goal that many of us seek, yet find difficult to achieve. Why?

For each of us, the answer will be different. In fact, before starting a fitness program, it is important to ask yourself: “What makes regular exercise hard for me to pursue?” Your answers could include a busy lifestyle, fear of soreness, or simply “I don’t like it” if you are honest. (more…)