Smoke Out!

The ‘Great American Smokeout’ is coming up, and if you’re going to kick butt this year, I’m sure you’re concerned with how it will affect your weight management efforts.

It’s flat-out true that people who quit smoking gain between 8 and 14 pounds on average. While we all recognize this is far healthier than inhaling toxins, there’s no doubt it’s something to factor into your plan. It is true that smoking DOES increase metabolism.

The icky reason, among others, that made me finally kick butt (okay, okay, at least 99.5% of the time) is that your metabolism increases because your poor body is trying valiantly to rid itself of the toxins you are inhaling.

Having experienced this challenge, I know another truth. People who smoke tend to be oral personalities. They love to eat, drink and be merry (which often includes smoking).

There are no easy answers for this serious health risk, so please do what I did: check out every book you can find on the subject, read each one, and do everything they say. Write up all the lists they suggest, do all the aversion techniques including licking ashtrays if that’s what it takes. That’s extreme, however, I’m just trying to illustrate vividly that you WILL have to commit yourself to quitting smoking.

Simultaneously, you will have to have a strong plan in place to keep your eating habits healthy. I kept plenty of crunchy things around like pretzels and carrots. The long stick-like snacks seemed the most satisfying transition from cigarettes.

Definitely increase your activity; double your current rate, at least for a while, if at all possible. This will redirect your smoking energy into a positive outlet AND will increase your metabolism to make up for the loss of the poison-induced increase you’ll be “losing.”

Even if you gain weight, don’t despair! It’s tough (like I said, .5% of the time, I revert back to the hideous things), but if you can quit most of the time, you can quit all of the time

By quitting smoking, you’ll have a longer life in which to enjoy gaining health and obtaining your ideal size.

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