Shop After Eating

As I mentioned earlier, you are likely to encounter many temptations to buy unplanned food items when shopping at the supermarket. You will be less likely to give in to this impulse buying if you shop on a full stomach. A seemingly innocent trip to the supermarket to purchase a few essentials can easily turn into a shopping frenzy. Remember what happened  when he had a two-pound bag of potato chips in the house. Take a moment to reflect on your own behavior chain, and see just how important shopping is to sticking to a good eating plan.

A hungry shopper in a supermarket is like Indiana Jones stranded in the middle of the desert without food or water. Temptation lurks around the corner of every aisle. At first you may say to yourself, “I’m strong, I can resist all this temptation.” Then, when you’re feeling confident in your ability to stick to your shopping list, you turn the corner and bump into the nice lady giving away “free” samples of Mr. Cheese’s Cheesy Pizza. A small piece won’t hurt, after all it’s not like you’re going to buy a pizza and eat it right there. So, you politely take a piece and scamper down the aisle, past the frozen foods and the soft drinks. And just as you’re feeling good about not buying a pizza you turn the next corner, and guess who? Another sweet lady with her toaster oven baking up a storm offers you a Mrs. Chips chocolate pecan cookie. You feel like melted butter and simply can’t resist buying the delicious cookies. Just when you think you’re just about through every aisle, right by the dairy section where you go to get your low-fat yogurt sits the nice HAAGEN DAZS lady. At this point all restraint is gone.

Shop only after you have eaten. You will find yourself making better food choices and sticking to your shopping list. You may also be amazed about how much grief this little strategy will prevent.

Avoid the Saturday Rush
Do you remember the last time you went to the supermarket on a Saturday morning? This is the prime time when most food advertisers have those nice ladies in the supermarket, tempting the shoppers to buy their products. The temptations on Saturday mornings can be more than even the most restrained shopper can resist. The best strategy is to avoid these types of temptations all together.

Watch the Prepared Foods
In recent years the supermarket shelves have become increasingly stocked with prepackaged or prepared foods. These foods tempt you to eat at an instant’s notice without giving much thought about the choices you are making—automatic eating. Many of these types of food items are loaded with calories and fat. If you do buy prepackaged foods, be sure to read the food label carefully. The best strategy is to buy foods that require preparation.

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