Shape Up Nutrition

The Shape Up plan is based on high fiber foods, including complex carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits and vegetables balanced with lean protein and healthy fats.

As such, the Dr Phil Diet is somewhat different from low or no carbohydrate plans such as the Atkins and South Beach diets.
What the Dr Phil diet does have in common with these other programs is that it’s not about counting calories, points, or fat grams.

Instead, Shape Up is about feeding your body and mind with the right kinds of foods; the foods that will help you achieve and maintain the weight that’s best for you.

This provide the best base for losing weight and improving your health without being hungry, compromising good nutrition or being unable to sustain your energy levels.

To make choosing the correct foods even easier, the Shape Up diet program is based around pre-planned menus that consist of portions that are just the right size for you. Weight loss aids such as supplements, nutrition bars and shakes are also available.

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