Sex & Dating Conference. Part 3


Dr. Drew also addressed another paradox that successful women face. Like the reciprocal relation of success and family for women, self-esteem works differently for men and women. “Women with low self-esteem are more likely to be engaged in [risky] sexual interactions,” stated Dr. Drew. “On the other hand, guys with low self-esteem are less likely to have sex. And guys with high self-esteem are more likely to be sexually active.”

In light of this phenomenon, Dr. Drew argued that women are caving into a male vision of sexuality when they engage in “hook-ups” with no commitment. As in the business world, women are trying to fit into a male vision of sexuality. Addressing the interns, Dr. Drew noted that “Men and women have different goals, different objectives, and there will never be a time in your life that you will be further apart biologically than right now.”

However, he was quick to point out that while men may be interested in sexual activity without commitment, that doesn’t mean they have to get it.

Kate Kennedy, IWF Campus Projects Manager, put the whole day in perspective: “IWF is particularly intrigued by the concept of feminism and what it means for young women and men in the twenty-first century. This conference embodies the spirit of IWF’s founding vision for our campus outreach program—to bring young people into the fold, spark a dialogue, and in the end deliver a new kind of feminism that has meaning for today’s student.

To that end, we have developed a venue to foster the free exchange of ideas in the hopes that the pressing questions on young peoples minds be given the attention they rightfully deserve.

It is a webzine by and for today’s thinking college students who are looking for factual answers to controversial questions rather than veiled political opinions. It features articles, news, discussion boards, and reader feedback on everything from dating and courtship to academia and politics.”

We have already been inundated with positive feedback about the conference. As one Capitol Hill staffer from the House Committee on Ways & Means said: “Today, two of my junior staffers attended the event here on the Hill. They came back to the office with a lot of excitement and they eagerly shared the information they had gathered. I am pleased to see the efforts of this event helping to change the perception about the young men and women who serve here on the Hill as interns and staffers. … So I say kudos to you for the survey and for highlighting the positive choices young men and women are making here in the Hill community.”

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