Sex & Dating Conference. Part 2


Dr. Hewlett began researching her book when asked by the Harvard Business Review to interview successful women of the “breakthrough generation” who profited from the Equal Rights legislation of the 1970s. She interviewed ten successful women—including Diane Sawyer, Donna Shalala, and Jessie Norman—and rather surprisingly found that all ten of these highly successful women, rather than expressing satisfaction at their unequivocal success, were regretful and childless.

“I was fascinated by one central thought,” said Hewlett. “Was this a choice? Did these women at age twenty-eight snap their fingers and say, ‘Hey, what I want is the big career—family is not for me?’” Unfortunately, that was not the case—not one of these women chose to be childless, but felt regret at being forced to sacrifice their family in favor of career. According to Dr. Hewlett, the more successful a woman is, the more likely she is to be without a partner and childless.

Dr. Hewlett noted that one headhunter she interviewed plainly stated that, “You know, we are not so interested in women. What we really want are men in skirts.”

It is this downplaying of the distinctions between the sexes that have mislead many career-oriented women. “Women are different than men, but the model they have for success with a family is a male model,” said Hewlett. “

The current feminist paradigm of emulating men in the boardroom and the bedroom results in disappointment. As Dr. Hewlett said, “We’ve gone from fearing our fertility to squandering it.” However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and women in their twenties have plenty of time to balance career and family in efforts to avoid disappointment later.

Dr. Drew agreed, “We are in massive denial. The American populace is in denial about what makes us happy, what makes us grow, and the differences between men and women.” be continued..

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