Paula’s Journal: Week Three. Part 3

My experience is that people’s food likes and dislikes do change — and there is value in trying new foods now and then. I grew a vegetable garden for 16 years — my daughter hated fresh tomatoes. She goes away to college, and guess what? She now loves slices of fresh tomato on her sandwiches — won’t eat a sandwich without it! What a stinker! And I gave up gardening.

The yogurt is a good idea. Gives you as much protein as a glass of milk, and lots of calcium and potassium. You still could use more protein at meals.

Congratulations on the splendid diet recovery from the cruise. All that gluttony can get to you. I’ll be interested in seeing a normal week in your life. Stay the course.


Armand’s Reply


Nice job with your exercise this week. It appears that you are getting stronger; that is good. If you haven’t already, you’ll begin to notice your muscles firming up.

In regards to your increasing the resistance with your weight training exercises, just continue to do what you’ve done by increasing slowly but surely. When it becomes easy to perform 15 reps of an exercise with proper form, you should increase the weight in order to see continued gains.

Have you been stretching at the end of your workouts? If not, don’t forget. It’s very important for a balanced program. Let me know next week.

Has the pain in your heel gotten any better? Take care.

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