Paula’s Journal: Week Three. Part 2

I also did really well with my food once I got home. I’m not finding it difficult to do this. And to see that scale move is a lot of motivation for me!

Next week will be more like my typical week since I only went to work one day this week and the rest was vacation! I’ve been extra hungry this week! I guess it’s like you said — I’m used to eating more from the cruise.

Sharon, to answer some of your questions: I hate veggies! Especially raw ones. My husband likes them though, so occasionally I’ll fix broccoli or spinach and force myself to eat a small portion. I keep thinking that one day I’ll like it!

I do eat lettuce sometimes with fat-free dressing, but I really don’t like it all that much. I used to like salad with lots of Thousand Island dressing, and I know why that is — I can’t taste the lettuce through all of that dressing! Can’t do that anymore!

Oh, one more thing, I usually eat fat-free., sugar free yogurt a lot — like one every day – either as a mid-morning snack or with my lunch. So you’ll probably start to see that on my food log starting next week. Would that help with the protein that you suggested?

See you next week,


Sharon’s Reply

Dear Paula,

Hmmm, you don’t like any vegetables? Cucumbers? Carrots? Green Beans? Tomatoes? Tomato juice?

I could extol the many nutritional virtues of vegetables, but I know it won’t make you like them. However, maybe you could continue to try them? Your husband and kids (do you have children?) really need to have them even though you may not eat them. Try not to limit your family’s taste development or nutritional care by your own prejudices.

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