Oily Skin Clear Up the Confusion, Part 2

How you maintain your skin can also help keep control of oil.

“I have oily skin clients that I suggest use mineral oil on their skin, then keep it powdered. I always suggest powdering, unless you want to look like an oil slick,” she said.

“No harsh scrubbing, no grains in your facial cleanser,” Pugliese added. “I think they’re ridiculous. What happens is, if you overly wash off the oil, it simply causes more oil to be produced. I don’t recommend soap because it’s basically just a detergent.

Pugliese said, “We have done some studies with oil-based cleansers, like soybean oil, that actually shut down the glands. Oil is completely non-irritating to the skin. As a cleanser, put it on, take a wet wash cloth and wipe it off, leaving a tiny layer of soybean oil on the skin.”

According to Pugliese, it’s important to view the skin as a “mosaic.” “It’s not uniform, so just because you may be oily around your nose or hairline, doesn’t mean your entire face is. You need to take care of the entire thing, and realize that areas will get dry and flaky even if other areas are highly oily.”

Of course, the most disconcerting aspect of oily skin is that it predisposes one to acne.

“I still get acne,” Desrochers said. “Let me tell you, at this stage in my life, I don’t need that.” But, by keeping the skin clean and avoiding irritants, using a cleanser that helps neutralize oil production and clean out bacteria, and maintaining a harmonious diet and emotional state, you can cut down on acne outbreaks.

“Psychologically, your skin is very important to the way you view yourself.

Others notice it first because they look at your face,” Heathman said. “Just look at teen-age women with acne; they have very low self-esteem. It affects them in the worst way and really has a devastating bottom-line effect.”

“I can say now that I have finally rectified the feelings of low self-worth from my past, but it was very painful to reach this point,”

Desrochers added.
It adds a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Beauty is only skin deep.”

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