New Member Motivator

Have you ever spent your hard-earned money on something you rarely use or end up not liking? Fitness for Her & Day Spa wanted to be sure that didn’t happen when individuals purchased a membership at their facility. With their New Member Motivator program, they made sure potential members knew what they were getting by offering a 30-day trial membership. The program brought in new members at a low cost to the club to let them try the facility before committing to buying memberships.

Humorous postcards were mailed to women in the market area to announce the offer. According to general manager Kevin Miller, “Each woman that came in gratefully found no heat to ‘sign up today.’” They received a tour of the club and a complimentary session with a personal trainer. They were also given a coupon book worth more than $400 in club services such as guest passes, a mini massage, and three personal training sessions, redeemable if they became members after their 30-day trial.

All trial memberships were VIP — full-hours and full-service so that each person got a taste of the entire facility. A membership service representative was assigned to each trial member to ensure they had the best experience possible.

During the first six months of the campaign, more than 840 women signed up as trial guests. Gross membership sales revenues increased by 64 percent, gross profits rose by 37 percent, personal training revenues increased by 50 percent and membership referrals rose by 27 percent.

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