Medical-Referral Program Successes. Part 2

With the Strive for Recovery program in place, Prager was able to reduce the animosity the medical community had toward the fitness industry, and start building medical marketing relationships with the physicians. He admits to having some difficulties getting through to the physicians, as office staff can be apathetic to solicitors, but he found building a rapport with staff and tying in patient information to the phone calls to be effective techniques in marketing his services.

Once the physicians display interest in Prager’s program, he’s found that both the physicians and the office staff are enthusiastic in supporting it, which often results in free word-of-mouth advertising. Train to Attain added more than 50 new clients for personal training and physical therapy services from word-of-mouth advertising.

In addition to marketing to physicians, Prager advertises his facility’s services to the general public through billboards and name placement on the exterior of his facility. “We’re using our building as a major billboard…. No matter if they come from the east or the west, our facility name is right in their face,” says Prager, who spent $150 to have the name and phone number of Strive for Recovery painted in 12-foot letters on the exterior of the facility. “There’s a hospital located in the back of the facility, so patients constantly see our facility’s name and phone number.”

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