Medical-Referral Program Successes. Part 1

Four facilities share their strategies for developing successful medical marketing programs.

By Tracey Black
As the gap between the healthcare and health club industries narrows, more and more health clubs are looking to implement medical fitness programs into their facilities. The article Rehabilitating at the Club, published in Fitness Management’s February 2001 issue, suggests that clubs build partnerships with physical therapy providers to boost sales and new memberships from post-rehab patients. From small, private fitness facilities to large health club chains, medical-referral programs offer unique opportunities to earn revenue from medical referrals and post-rehab clients who eventually become members, and to enhance your facility’s image within your community.

The following four facilities reaped big profits and rewards from their medical-referral programs. Read more about their strategies for success and how you can put them to use in your facility.

Train to Attain
Train to Attain Inc. in Syracuse, N.Y., has been providing medical-fitness services to individuals who are healthy, at-risk for medical conditions or who have already been diagnosed with medical conditions since 1993. While Train to Attain has established itself as a successful medical fitness clinic, owner Eric Prager originally had difficulties marketing his services to the medical community. He found that many physicians had a negative view of the fitness industry, so he developed a program called Strive for Recovery, which operates as a wellness research and educational program that works in conjunction with Train to Attain and other businesses that specialize in wellness services. Because Strive for Recovery is a non-profit program, it receives grant money to fund data collection and research that is published and read by the medical community. “It’s a completely different twist to marketing,” says Prager. “By providing information to the medical community, [our program] is constantly in their faces, so they know about our program and its benefits.”

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