Light, life and expanding consciciousness

“The only thing that is constant is change.”

This ebb and flow, expressed as yin and yang by Chinese sages, is the movement of life itself, constantly creating a state of dynamic balance. In the field of health and wellness, this basic premise is expressed as “the body is always seeking homeostasis.” In other words, the body is self healing.

This naturally occuring self-healing process definesthe word efficient, and is expressed by the law of parsimony, which states that the body does the least that it has to to get the job done. This job, however, requires “no doing.” It is merely a response to life which occurs effortlessly in each moment. This becomes very evident by observing animals living in nature. There, actions, always a response to life, are never early or late, never in excess or deficiency. For humans, however, this is rarely, if ever, the case. Our actions are almost always early or late, and in excess or deficiency. We don’t respond to lifem rather typically react to it, as a function of living life through the concepts and ideas of the mind, instead of being present in each moment. The significance of this chronic lack of presence is paramount-literally affecting the movement of life on every level, and obstructing the body’s ability to self heal.

Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Einstein, and many others have all said that being present is the master key to everything-health, wellness, clarity, bliss, and spiritual evolution. Our personal enlightenment lies in this space which contains everything, yet, cannot be described by the mind.

It is now known that every state of mind we identify with manifests moment-by-moment as chemical messangers, telling the body what to do, when to do it, and to what degree. These informational substances literally guide the body’s biological funtion. The degree to which the body mimics the mind, however, is related to how much we identify with the “chatter” in our minds. In other words, are we the thinker of our thoughts, or are we the one noticing the thoughts? Only in recognizing that we are the one noticing, not the thinker, can we begin to live life moment by moment, and thus not interfere with life’s natural flow towards health and wellness on ever level.

Our lives are always a reflection of our state of consciousness and presence. Our experiences are literally a mirror image of the way we live our lives-as you sow, so shall you reap, or, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Living in each moment, we respond to life with a “YES”, while living in the mind usually yields a reaction to life of “NO”. “YES” is bliss, “NO” is pain. “YES” is open and expanded, “NO” is contracted and reactive. To move from contraction to expansion, one must become aware of the aspects of their life that trigger a reaction, and use these experiences as an opportunity to develop the skill of being present. Once present, life once again becomes self healing.

Today, quantum physicists have discovered that life is not what we think it is. Things are not solid. Everything we experience is vibratory in nature-all matter is “frozen light”. In other words, life is actually light energy that only appears solid because of an illusion created by the mind.

Colors, which are also an illusory projection of the mind, represent our visual interpretation of the different vibrations that comprise our experiences. The colors we are attracted to are the vibrational equivalencies of the life experiences that we are receptinve to-the aspects of life we say “YES” to. The colors we are not attracted to usually relate to unresolved past experiences where we made a subconscious decision to protect ourselves from life. These are the aspects of life we say “NO” to. These colors are a key to our expansion, for if “what we resist, persists,” then becoming receptinve to what we are resisting creates expansion and freedom on every level.

The Spectral Receptivity System II provides 1) a means by which you, the viewer, can recognize the aspects of the visible spectrum of light (life) that you are unreceptive to, and 2) a systematic approach to expanding and balancing this receptivity while developing a high degree of “present time awareness.” Through daily use we begin to open up, the mind quiets, creativity and awareness expand, and we begin to live life at our maximum potential.

The inner working of life cannot be seen by the eyes, heard by the ears, or understood by the mind. It can, however, be experienced in each moment by the “noticer”, our essential self. We cannot heal our bodies or our lives, but when we are present, moment by moment, existence gives us the gift free of charge. nly in being present can life once again become self healing. The Spectral Receptivity System II is a tool for expanding consciousness as a foundation for wellness; it is not a medical tool for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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