Joan’s Journal, Part 2

I am not sure if your edamame are the same, but you must eat them more slowly, since you deal with the shell. All the fat is good fat. However, if weight becomes an issue, be careful.

The fat in the Cracklin’ Oat Bran is OK. You might want to check the Pop Tarts next — sometimes they have hydrogenated fats in the crust. The navy bean soup was a great way to increase you soluble fiber, as long as there was not loads of ham fat in it.

You need to increase your fruit and dairy intake — can you get two servings a day of each? Maybe substitute some of those snacks with these better choices: yogurt, fruit, raw vegetables, soybeans.

Have a great time in the Big Apple!


Armand’s Reply


You did a good job with your exercising this week. Besides being a lot of fun, tennis can be a great workout. But the lack of stretching afterwards showed you how important it is for post-exercise soreness!

It looks like you have made some nice progress with your weight training. Are you noticing any difference relative to your muscles being firmer or tighter?

Again, as a reminder, I want to make sure that you are working hard to get to 15 repetitions with each exercise. This will produce the results more quickly.

It sounds like your upcoming trip to New York is going to be a lot of fun. It would be nice to take advantage of your proximity to Central Park by getting in a jog or walk. Having been there myself on business, I can tell you that the scenery is conducive to an enjoyable exercise session. If your friend belongs to a gym, maybe you could join her as a guest to get in a weight-training workout there. Even if she is not a member, many gyms offer a one-day pass to use their facilities. Take advantage if you have the time.

On your jogging, extend the duration to 20 minutes rather than 15 — you will increase your fitness level that way. Bodies seem to adapt much more at the 20-minute mark than at 15 minutes.

Good luck next week and in the Big Apple!

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