Joan’s Journal, Part 1

This week was fairly peaceful. I played tennis on Saturday and Monday, and it was utterly strenuous. I stretched out some, but I did not do the full set of stretches. Regretting it, I was sore for days, but it ultimately felt good once it subsided. It did force me to skip a weight session on Monday, though.

I only went out to eat one night this week. I am going to a party tonight, but I plan to stay out of trouble and not put too much cheese on my fajitas.

My most exciting discovery was the edamame (Japanese soybeans). I love to eat them. I can now get them in the sushi section of the Rice Epicurian Market down the street from my place. To answer your question, Sharon, they are in-the-shell soybeans, boiled and sprinkled with salt while still in the shell. I discovered them in Japan when I worked there, where they are served in bars and eaten like beer nuts. You put the whole shell up to your mouth and pop the beans in — very tasty. Now that I have a relatively cheap source at $2.50 a pound, don’t be surprised if these become my treat of choice. I am so excited that they are rated high on my diet.

To answer another question, the oils in my Cracklin’ Oat Bran are cottonseed and soybean. Are these OK?

Next week should be interesting, as the exercising routine still hasn’t completely taken root, and I’m going to New York on vacation. I am staying with a girlfriend near Central Park, so some scenic jogging will be an option. I predict a lot of walking around the streets of the city. I can’t wait to report back!

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Sharon’s Reply


You are paying more attention to good food choices, eating a lot more vegetables and less cheese and creamy foods. The edamame is a great idea — soybeans lower cholesterol, protect against cancer and help with PMS.

Here are the nutritional values for roasted soybeans:

1 serving
1/2 cup (shelled roasted)
30 grams
22 grams

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