How to Recognize That You Need HGH. Part 2

How do you know if HGH is right for you? How old you are and your general health level are the primary influences. There is no requirement for HGH if you are still growing and are young. However, by the time you reach 40 and start to experience memory problems and fatigue issues, or you notice the onset of wrinkles and gray hairs, you may want to consider supplementing those HGH levels. Although, it is not wise to begin any HGH treatment without first consulting a qualified medical professional, as these hormones are strong and may have adverse effects. Be aware that it is costly to obtain HGH legally, as it can cost quite a few thousands of dollars to use this treatment for a year.

If you have a pituitary gland that is passive, you might require supplementation of HGH. You can find out by taking a complete medical exam with focus on IGF-1, a biomarker for HGH. There exists people with naturally “lazy” pituitary gland. If you happen to be one of them, then your physician can put you on a particular HGH program.

You may want to attempt to elevate the levels of your growth hormone with an alternate form. Use an HGH releaser, instead of directly getting the hormone. The releasers are a natural and safer method than using an injection for the growth hormone, as they provide stimulation of the pituitary gland for the release of more growth hormone. HGH releases have shown to boost hgh levels, but without the dangers of HGH injections. The risks to your health that have been found, coming from HGH administration that is direct and excessive, are acromegaly, carpal tunnel syndrome, and cancer in some forms.

How effective can HGH be? Now people know that something can be done about the signs of aging, and more and more research is being directed toward this situation and the ways in which HGH can help. You can expect HGH to rein in, or even reverse the unstoppable process of aging, if used in a carefully controlled fashion. HGH offers promise in our quest to minimise the negative aspects of aging and improve our quality of life, even into the later years.

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