How to Recognize That You Need HGH. Part 1

For a lot people, aging is without a doubt, a scary word, particularly for those entering their middle age. As you approach 40, there are indications that your body is not as capable as it was years ago. Even if you are in the best of health, take care to exercise regularly, and eat right, you will still notice the signs of aging as you mature. How can this situation be addressed? Is there anything that can seriously be done as to aging?

Even though aging is a life process, we do not have to give up and surrender to the aging process. Where are the ancient multi centenarians talked about in religious books such as the Bible? Obviously those ancient folks were used to living a long time, forty was not even considered middle age. Living a long life must include living a quality life. Spending the last part of your life in an old age home with little to do, and little memory or vision left, is not exactly what most people would consider quality living.

This is the reason that human growth hormone (HGH) has been discovered to have an important role in the human body. The pituitary gland produces the hormone known as HGH. Despite having been discovered quite a few years ago, HGH did not receive widespread attention until 1990 when Dr Daniel Rudman released his work on it in the New England Journal. He performed tests on a group of elderly men taking HGH and observed their beneficial results compared to a control group without the consumption of HGH. There has been the confirmation of HGH being one of the most effective substances for anti aging, known by humans, after the HGH research has been followed up by alot of medical researchers.

HGH was first used to treat children with development deficiencies, but it was soon realized that many other areas of the population could benefit, particularly the elderly and those nearing middle age. Even in this situation, a long time went by prior to pharmaceutical companies knowing how to create synthetic HGH. It can be quite costly to get HGH legally, even now, due to higher manufacturing costs, however, with such a high demand for it, people try get it any way they can. Many athletes use HGH to elevate their performance. Unfortunately, many of them also abuse it. This has resulted in giving HGH a bad reputation.

When you become an adult, HGH production slows, however, this does not become apparent until you hit 35 or 40. While it is not quite known what makes the pituitary reduce HGH output, lower HGH levels are a significant factor in quickening the aging process.

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