How Do You Know When Your Baby Is Ready for Solids? Part 2

Do not give your baby honey or anything with honey in it. A baby can catch botulism from honey.

Give your baby vegetables before fruit. When I began my studies to be a dietitian, we were told to tell mothers to go to fruit after cereal. We now know that this is wrong. Once a baby has the sweet taste of fruit, she doesn’t like to go to vegetables. Think about it, if you had only tasted milk, cereal and applesauce and then someone tried to make you eat spinach, would you be happy? Studies have shown that babies generally grow up to like vegetables more if they start on vegetables before fruit.

You can produce your own baby food. You don’t need to buy Gerber foods at fifty cents a can. You can take what you are making for supper and blend it to a liquid with a little bit of milk. Do this before you add any spices. You can buy salt free vegetables in the can or frozen vegetables and blend it up. This is just as good for your baby as buying Gerber products. Just make sure that there are no added sugars and salts when you check out the ingredient list.

When it comes to juice, don’t over juice your baby. Don ‘t give your baby more than 12 ouches of juice a day. Juice is a great source of nutrients, yes, but it is not as calorie dense as milk. Babies need these milk calories for growth.

Do not give your baby cows milk for the first year of its life. Cows milk is designed for a calf, not a baby.

After one year of age, do not give your baby reduced calorie milk. Your baby needs high fat milk until she is two years old. The baby needs this for a variety of reasons-extra calories, hormone production, etc.

Don ‘t buy baby juice in the store. This is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen. Buy 100% pure juice and then do a 50% juice, 50% water mixture. This is what is in those baby juices but it is at least half the cost. Make sure the juice you use is 100% juice. Sunny Delight is not juice. A lot of products are only 10% juice, you want 100% juice! Kool Aid is not juice. If you are in doubt and you want to give your baby a variety of different flavors, try they Juicy Juice brand juices. These are all 100% real juice, but it is produced in a variety of blends.

If your baby is pulling food off your plate and heading toward his mouth with it, he is ready for solid foods.

Do not give your baby foods like hot dogs, or other small chunks of food. A baby can EASILY choke on these products. There are the things I have learned and found. I currently hold an RD license but I am now a stay at home mom. These things are what I have learned both in school and on my own. The most important thing here is to listen to your baby. She will tell you in her own way when she is ready to eat solid foods.

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