How Do You Know When Your Baby Is Ready for Solids? Part 1

Other people (like myself) dread the time for solids. It means their child is growing up too fast. There are certain things to remember about the timing of feeding your son or daughter for the first time.
Each child is his/her own person. Everything suggests that you need to wait until 4-6 months before you begin feeding your baby. This is a good guideline to live by, but it is just a guideline. Each baby will be ready for solids at his or her own time.

Don’t give your baby cereal to help him/her sleep throughout the night. This is not the proper reason to begin feeding your baby. You may be exhausted and want your baby to sleep throughout the night, but this is not good for little Sammy. Cereal is filling but does not provide the calories that your baby needs. Thus, your baby will sleep all night but will not be getting all the calories and nutrients that he needs during these first few months.

Never feed your baby cereal with a bottle. If you feed your baby cereal in a bottle, she will be eating too much cereal and not enough milk. Plus, if you wait until your baby can eat with a spoon it is more likely that your baby will be ready for solid foods.

Wait until your baby can hold up her head. If Jenny can sit upright and hold up her head, the time for feeding cereal is coming soon. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact that you want your baby to be sitting up when you feed her. Think about it, how easy of a time eating do you have when you are lying down. It is easier to choke that way and it is more likely that your baby will have reflux and spit up on you.

Begin with rice cereal. Rice cereal is one of the foods that is least likely to produce an allergic reaction. Once you are sure your baby does not have an allergy to rice cereal, try other cereals.

Make sure the food is watered down at first. Remember that your baby has only drank milk for his entire life. Thus, if you make cereal and it is too thick, it is more likely that your baby is going to choke on this food.

Don’t tailor baby food for your own taste. If it tastes too bland, that is great. We, as adults, have our taste buds that say we like things salty or surgery. Our babies do not have this taste need. If you sugar or salt things down it is more likely that your baby will like salt or sweet things. Leave it bland and your baby will more than likely not be addicted to salty or sugary foods.

Only give your baby one new food at a time. On Monday try one new food and wait a few days before you try another. This way, if your baby develops an allergy you can figure out what food is causing the problems. If you give Becky applesauce on Monday and she develops a rash and diarrhea on Tuesday, you know it was the Applesauce. If you were to give her both applesauce and peas and then she develops a rash, you will not know what food causes this reaction.

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