Getting Organized

Ronni Eisenberg is the mother of three children and the co-author of a series of how-to-get-organized books, including “Organize Your Home” (Hyperion, 1999, $9.95). Mothers have so much to do today, they need to get organized to get it all done, she said. Some of her principles include:
Believe that being organized works. You can have more time for the things you want to do.

Find out where your time goes. What are you doing and how long does it take? Write it down.
Plan what you are going to do with your day.
Have priorities. This is essential to staying organized.
Have systems for routine tasks.

Plan breaks for yourself to stay fresh and focused and to keep from being exhausted.
Do not put off important tasks. It just makes them harder.

You cannot say yes to everyone. Put the realities of your schedule ahead of your desire to please. You cannot do it all yourself. Let family members know you expect them to help. Throw things away. What you need should be at hand.

Don’t let yourself be interrupted when you talk. If you cannot complete a thought or sentence, you will not make headway.
Finish what you start.

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