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You should develop a routine that includes about six to eight stretches for your upper body, torso, and lower body. Also, you should warm up for at least five minutes with a light activity, such as walking. Remember, a warm muscle is easier to stretch than a cold muscle.

Finally, don’t ever force a stretch or bounce while stretching. Begin with easy and gentle movements, and include stretches that are specific to your individual needs. Hold each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds, and repeat each stretch two to three times.

Here’s a stretch you might find beneficial. Slowly and gently stretch into your backswing, while maintaining a stable right leg. Keep your eyes on the ball and hold your backswing stretch for 15-30 seconds or longer. When you have finished stretching into your backswing, slowly start to rotate your body keeping your arms crossed till you have reached the follow-through position.

As you begin to warm-up, you can slowly increase the speed at which you are doing the exercise, while decreasing the time you hold the stretch at the end ranges. Remember to concentrate on correct form that has been instructed to you by your golf pro.

For a list of other stretches that might suit your needs check out the article on “Warming Up to Golf.” There you will find many different stretches that should have you hitting like Tiger Woods in no time.

A final note, one of the major differences between amateur and professional golfers is the degree of upper-body flexibility. As you become more flexible, you’ll perform better on the course!

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