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Creativity is alive and well in this new generation built by human ingenuity. What I am referring to is the Internet. This is the sole accomplishment of human vision and determination. Many times we only hear the negative aspects of the day. This article looks at the fresh, dewy face our world wears in this new millennium. Creative minds are everywhere. I recently had the opportunity to speak to one of these resourceful individuals. Douglas Eby of Talent Development Resources.

Not long ago, I interviewed Mr. Eby and found that he is a fascinating man, enjoyable to talk with and also one of today’s most revolutionary thinkers. With a Masters in Psychology and many years of working in genetics, he is well informed on the topic of creativity, to state the obvious. Not only is he well educated, he has interviewed countless actors, directors and other famous individuals in his work as a publicist, but also he has had the opportunity of working with some of these creative individuals when he worked in film production. His Web site is dedicated to nurturing the creative mind and spirit of artists in all fields.

Whether it involves writers, actors, musicians or other art forms, his informative articles and interviews give valuable insights and inspirations to other struggling artists. Douglas Eby says that his site primarily pertains to talent and giftedness in the arts and entertainment fields. After only one visit to his Web page that becomes evident. By combining articles on giftedness, art, acting, writing, comedy and filmmaking fields, this site offers an eclectic combination that truly defines creativity. This author is honored to not only have a few of her articles linked through his site, but also thrilled to have been interviewed and quoted by Mr. Eby on his site.

I asked Douglas, “What do you feel is special about your Web site or sets you apart from other sites?” He replied, “To give thoughts, perspectives of gifted people that I found inspiring.” He goes on to say that he hopes that it will help people to look at their own talent more clearly. “By allowing what stands in the way to be addressed and help them get past the fear.”

When asked, “What is your personal advice for creative and/or gifted individuals?” his voice took on a renewed energy. “Keep exploring. Get as much info and inspiration as you can. Many people get diverted. Like being an engineer or doctor, but you need to try other things.” Douglas Eby goes on to quote Ken Burns — documentary film director of “Jazz” and “Gettysburg” — who says not to pursue a career but keep exploring.

Douglas goes on to say, “Getting channeled early in childhood isn’t always good.” He reiterated that he hoped that creative individuals would find at his site something that would keep their passion alive and also the inspiration to explore new areas of themselves, never allowing their mind’s creative energy to become stagnant.

Would you like to be inspired today? Do you have a creative project that needs a bit of honing? Well surf over to the Douglas Eby’s site. There is something for everyone there. You will be glad that you visited.

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