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List of Eats at Kate’s Grad Parties

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Continued. Begining: “Memorable High School Graduation

List of eats at Kate’s grad parties; all of these took under 30 minutes each to make!

Tortillas scrabled with bacon and eggs (Migas con Tocino y Huevos)
Chicken noodle soup with extra slurpy noodles
Asparagus-ham cheese melts
Arugula-trout salad with honeyed soy sauce
Iced tea
Thai-spiced grilled fillet of beef with gnocchi of potato and celery
poke salad (cubed raw ahi with vinegar-drizzled cucumbers)
Indian seafood soup (more…)

Memorable High School Graduation

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Kate’s prom can either be called odd or oddly beguiling. I personally think the food, location and people made a winning combination. The two most common complaints about the supposedly-memorable high school graduation are bad food and uncomfortable clothes rented at throat-slitting prices. Geeks never made good prom night candidates anyway. Homecoming queen? Who’s that – Queen Amidala? Kate and her friends decided to have their graduation party in geek chic style.

JS: Well, we’re going to remember the good times in this interview!
KW: Those were indeed good times. That’s one of the most memorable parties ever, graduation or not.

Talking about My Generation

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

The world occupied by Salon is confined to the creme de la creme of liberalism on the West Coast, and they have no intention of looking beyond even for the sake of accuracy. In a recent article, the online magazine claimed, “young men eligible for the military are not marching down to sign up.” (more…)