Brian’s Got It!

See, he sort of just stood and watched. He WANTED to do an exciting play-by-play but he couldn’t think of anything to say other than, “Helen is stacking her balls! Now Brian is stacking his balls! They’re both stacking their balls. Now Brian has more balls stacked. Helen is trying to stack her balls a different way. Brian tries to stack his balls a different way. They are still stacking their balls. Brian’s balls are almost completely stacked.” So, instead of saying all that, he just announced the winner. “Brian’s got it!”

The music portion of Survivor is excellent – possibly the best part of the show. On the other hand, those responsible for the challenges seem to make them up as an afterthought, like they have other jobs or something. Maybe they were told, “We need volunteers to make up this week’s reward challenge. You have 20 minutes.”

Everyone got to watch Brian’s video and share in his beverage. Brian apologized for his wife up front, “She’s a little crazy.” Who cares!? She was a super-hottie and, as it turns out, has starred in a number of “show my naked body” movies – most of them with surprisingly good reviews. (Here’s her filmography page.)

After seeing Brian’s two new cars and the baby grand piano, Helen said, “He is doing pretty damn good for himself. If I were against Brian right now, that’d be enough to vote him off because I’d be going, ‘That guy doesn’t need the money.’”

Ugh. I can’t stand this mentality. Once upon a time people were respected for being successful. Now, the Democrats do their damnedest to take money from the rich, basically taking away peoples’ motivation to excel.

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