Aydin Sierra

On September 16, around 10:30 pm I drank about 3 oz. of castor oil and nothing happened. I went to lay down around 2:30am and at 3:30 I woke up with cramping, I had to do pelvic rocks to get through it…damn castor oil! lol

The cramping continued until 6:15 when I began to notice that for the past 2 hours I had been having these cramps regularly every 2-3 minutes for 60 seconds! DUH!

I called the midwife and then got in the hot tub to try to get through them, but by this time they were just coming one right on the other. So fast I could barely catch my breath between them! So we rushed to the hospital and got there at 7:45. My darling Aydin Sierra was delivered at 8:25!!!!!! I had to have an episiotomy when her heart rate dove down to 50 and they said “Bethany….you’ve GOT to push her out NOW!!!!!!!!!” So I did! Lol

I didn’t even know I was in labor until 6:30!!!! lol——–so I really consider this a 2 hour labor–even though it was really 5! :o ) It was soooo intense….but completely natural and completely wonderful and completely manageable!!!!

She was 8 pounds 6 ounces……20.5 inches with the cutest little nose! Shawn and I are so madly in love with her! He’s so good with her–a natural daddy!

I can’t believe this happened so fast!

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