A Picnic in the Woods

“Its a nice day to go on a picnic”, said mother cat Catrunda, as they were driving to the woods. “When do we eat?” asked Buttermilk, Jingle and Bridget. “Well, it’s only 11:00, so we eat in one hour”, said Bing-Ling, their father. “One whole hour!” whined Jingle, Bridget and Buttermilk.

“Lets go on a walk”, said Catrunda who had been sitting quietly listening to them argue. That’s what they did, and here are some of the creatures that they saw: a Monarch butterfly, squirrel, red lizard, painted turtle, chipmunk and a robin.

They started walking again; they were really deep in the forest. It was starting to get a little bit cold and a little bit spooky! Suddenly, Buttermilk saw a clearing in the dark woods and said “You guys! Come on, there’s a clearing ahead!” They all started to run, even Bing-Ling and Catrunda started to run towards the light. When they got there, Bing-Ling saw a little fireplace under a roof. All of a sudden, right before their eyes, huge drops of water started to pour down on them! “Hurry under here,” said their father, who was already under the little roof with walls all around it to keep out the wind and the rain. “Hurry, let’s get the fire started before it gets any wetter,” their father said to everybody. They finally got the fire started and then started to roast the hotdogs.

When they were done eating, their mother said “let’s go on another walk since it stopped raining”. They started walking and after they had only been walking a couple of minutes Buttermilk said “Hey, I remember that place up ahead because there’s those three stumps lined up in a row!” “Yeah, you’re right!” said Bridget.

Pointing at their new black and orange striped jeep, “Well we better be going,” said father. “It’s getting dark,” so they packed up all their stuff and drove away from the woods.


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