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Healthy Food: Tomato

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Is the tomato a fruit or a “veggie”? Meredith Sayles Hughes writes in Cool as a Cucumber, Hot as a Pepper: “It’s Official – Back in 1893, the tomato was officially declared by the U.S. Supreme Court to be a vegetable. The question had been hotly debated and arose because importers of tomatoes were annoyed at having to pay a tariff (tax) on all imported vegetables. Since there was no tariff on fruits, the importers attempted to have the tomato declared a fruit.

List of Eats at Kate’s Grad Parties

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Continued. Begining: “Memorable High School Graduation

List of eats at Kate’s grad parties; all of these took under 30 minutes each to make!

Tortillas scrabled with bacon and eggs (Migas con Tocino y Huevos)
Chicken noodle soup with extra slurpy noodles
Asparagus-ham cheese melts
Arugula-trout salad with honeyed soy sauce
Iced tea
Thai-spiced grilled fillet of beef with gnocchi of potato and celery
poke salad (cubed raw ahi with vinegar-drizzled cucumbers)
Indian seafood soup (more…)